Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Change

L'argent de poche (Small Change), 1976
Dir: Francois Truffaut

It's been a while with Truffaut, but this was on Long Wait on Netflix and I really didn't care to skip ahead, being that it was the perfect time for a break. Even given that, I think without a doubt that this is the best Truffaut that I've seen since 400 Blows. Everything about this film just made me smile.

Truffaut was clearly influenced for this film by the crop of French filmmakers that were making names for themselves in the early 70s by making very personal, cinema-verite style films (Maurice Pialat, Jean Eustache). But, even in doing so, he managed to make a film that feels achingly Truffaut (straddling a line that's kind of polite, kind of daring, but always just right) while being a breath of fresh air in his oeuvre. Maybe I'm just really excited by this because I took a break, but it really expresses a lot about what I try to look for. There basically is no plot. Just kids being kids. Doing nice things. Dumb things. Smart things. Nasty things. It's a free-wheeling aspect that I would never expect from Truffaut (even if he was more experimental when he first started), but it works. Sometimes, kids really do the craziest things.

The poor kid's got it bad.

Take home Gregory for me.

I think your mom is really pretty.

Chicken fights!

I'm Gregory. Do you like my cat?

He's stupid. I want to push him out the window.

My parents locked me in. Thanks for the food in a basket!

Squirt milk in his face!

I wish I wasn't alone, here at the carnival. Or maybe I do...

Patrick can't get the girls in the theater.

But he gets the important one in the end...


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