Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine, 2010 (or 1986?)
Dir: Whogivesashit

In the history of all the movies on this planet that really shouldn't exist, I'm happy to say that Hot Tub Time Machine at least doesn't take itself seriously, even by today's comic standards. It can, at points, fall into the "this movie need to be going somewhere" nonsense (You guys are friends that that drifted apart. I get it. Who cares.) that hinders so much low-brow tripe, slowing it down to a point where you wonder exactly why you paid money to see it because there is no debauchery going on, but luckily it picks itself up enough times to keep you howling. It blends the ski shack/school party movies with the best of whatever is coming out nowadays. I'm not sure if it has enough in it to be a "classic," but it pretty much is all that I was expecting a retardfest called Hot Tub Time Machine to be.


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Glacier said...

Connor, your combination of low brow comedies and alternately, unheralded art house films, is unrivaled. The fact that "Hot Tub Time Machine" scored better than "Roshomon" proves that you don't give a fucking shit about critical consensus. Keep it up.