Thursday, June 4, 2009

The X-Files: Fight the Future

The X-Files: Fight the Future, 1998
Dir: Rob Bowman
June 1, 2009
Netflix Wakefield MA

In my fervent attempt to fill in all the gaps of The X-Files (which is a great TV show), I have decided to watch the entire series from the beginning. I am now in between seasons 5 and 6, which is where this movie takes place in the chronology. I don't think that I will write a long review, but just say that if you like the X-Files, you are bound to like this. It's surely better than the mediocre "monster of the week" movie that recently came out.

The reason why the film works is because it sticks with the main aliens mythology, and Mulder is back to being a believer instead of a whiny sulk, like he was for most of season 5. Also, Scully is back to being a hot cynic instead of some bible beating faithfart. Granted, it is kind of a glorified television episode, and the camera moves to make it seem more like a film were a little ridiculous (sweet crane shot bros), but it has all the government conspiracy/paranoia/suspense to at least keep you interested. Fake Ebert gives this a fat thumbs up (which counts for, like, one and a half).

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