Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby, 1938
Dir: Howard Hawks
November 30, 2009

This is like if the pilot of "Beauty and the Geek" got time portaled back to 1938, and even then it still wasn't good or funny. Hawks' bits of busyness can be interesting some times, but this just tried way too hard to be zany. Cary Grant is Bill Nye and Katharine Hepburn is Paris Hilton and they have to take care of/keep track of a leopard in suburban Connecticut. I can imagine the gut busting that must have took place in the late 30s over this nonsense aharharhar, but even if I was alive back then I'm not sure if would have been in the target audience. Nowadays this movie is made as Fool's Gold (2008). OK, some of the stuff was amusing, but it just wasn't "haha" funny. Or maybe just dated. You just have this thought in your head, "This is a classic. I should be liking this. What's wrong?" Throw that shit out and move on to the next movie. I had the same sort of reaction to Twentieth Century (1934), so these screwball comedies might just not be my jambox. And no, they never have the leopard in a high chair (talk about false advertising...).


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