Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Filming Othello

Filming 'Othello', 1978
Dir: Orson Welles
October 5, 2009

The last "completed" film ever made by Welles, this is basically just him sitting and talking about Othello (1952), the awesome shoe-string budget film that won Cannes. Maybe a bit pompous at times (though at the beginning he claims that he won't be), it's worth watching if you find Welles to be the master of cinema that he is, or if you just like to hear the sound of his voice. You know he clearly loves to hear his. It's really bizarre to think that the last two completed things that he could do were, in a sense, documentaries. It's a really odd coda to a career that should have been so much more. At the end of the film, you get a glimpse of Welles the man and the artist. You see his weariness and his exhaustion. It's deeply sad and profoundly moving.

It's on youtube:



Glacier said...

You're right Connor, I never thought of Transformers: The Movie as a documentary but it totally is. His performance of Omicron was one for the ages.

Connor said...

I forgot that his ghost directed it into the free-form documentary legend it is. He and Scatman Crothers went out on top.