Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Him to The Greek

Get Him to The Greek, 2010
Dir: Nicholas Stoller

To say this is a retread would be wrong, but it sure feels like it at times. There were some funny situations, but Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are, in my opinion, middling comedians. When they are the stars of the show, it's like beating a dead horse (or a fat guy) after the first couple of jokes. Diddy, for his part, actually did his bit well in that "I'm not really an actor" sort of way. Some interesting cameos as well. The lame, cliche message at the end about life being more than surface-level superficiality is more of the same from the Apatow gang though. It's kind of amazing how Hollywood knocks itself without ever having to pay the price. Hopefully they can put Aldous Snow to rest now, 'cause frankly he was never that big a deal.

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