Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart, 2009
Dir: Scott Cooper

I'm drunk, eating mac and cheese, and trying not to be too harsh on Crazy Heart, which is genuinely conceived but infinitely frustrating (fuck that). It was pretty alright until Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) loses Buddy (the star of the movie?) and he decides he's gotta clean up his life. Pah-leaze. Missed connection with adult child, bad habits that are hard to break, relationship that can never really happen. Yeah dudez, I know that The Wrestler (2008) was kinda good (not to mention ended on a much more impacting note), but just retelling it in a washed up country star was annoying beyond my imagination. Wandering cameras going nowhere offset some pretty beautiful plains shots, so I can't really be ecstatic about the technical parts of the film. Connor you turddick, Jeff Bridges was incradible. He was, but as soon as the missing child thing happened he became a fucking cliche (if not before then too). "Maggie G. has floppy boobs." That's what my friend said during the middle of the film and I kept thinking about it. Colin Farrell was an absolute chucklehead and perfect as the phony Nashville star. It might have been the most poignant thing about the film, considering how close to home it must of hit for tons of "real" country fans dying to see this bad boy. Bad Blake should have been dead at the end, that's all I know.


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Glacier said...

one of the most spot on reviews I've ever read of anything. I don't think you're a turddick.And the boobs thing is undeniable.