Saturday, November 7, 2009


Weekend, 1967
Dir: Jean-Luc Godard
November 7, 2009

Weekend is a deliberately designed random fest of indifferent characters thrown into Godard’s most violent, caustic story of a civilization close to apocalypse where rape, murder, slaughter, guns, accidents, cannibals, radicals, imaginary and surreal characters ("Is this a film or reality?") are thrown in that become devices and will help a viewer (supposedly) comprehend the ubiquitous evil and suffering lurking around. A lot of the stuff that happened just made me laugh though, especially all the silly fights that people get into. It is not a parable, there is no moral, neither is it didactic in a literal sense, it is like no other film about a political future where Freedom will kill freedom as Godard saw it from the 60’s in a way that only Godard could have dreamed of and created, which is why it's a "film lost in the cosmos" or a "film found on a garbage heap." Though of course, this shit never really happened in anyway that Godard preached (though I'm sure he'd say that it is still coming or point out all the injustices left in the world). It is a bare-bones deconstruction of a film, which is why people claim it is his best (even fatso Ebert goes nutzoid over this). It's probably right behind 2 or 3 Things (1967) in quality late 60s Godard. "End of Cinema," though? How douchey and pompous can you get? Fuck you, Godard. I'm glad you joined some pointless socialist film collective at this point. I'm done.

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